Jessi Ellen

Jessi EllenMost days you can find Jessi snuggled up on the couch with red wine in her hand, in her car at 1 A.M. having a heart to heart with a friend or pointing at people while dancing and trying to get them to point and dance back at her. She is obsessed with Thai food, relentlessly optimistic and adore 90’s R&B. She is based out of Eugene, Oregon and admires the Pacific Northwest, but has big dreams of traveling around the country and abroad. She has been dating her hunk of a guy for six years now and also gets to enjoy him being her second shooter. He is very tall and excellent at carrying wedding dresses around as well as taking photos. They love getting to know their couples and have been known to get down on the dancefloor with them for a song or two. There is a lot of talking and communication that goes on in the span of six years, so they make a pretty great team on wedding days. She is an open book and just about no question is off limits for her. She wants to get to know everyone beyond the surface level. She wants to know what drives you, what makes you sad and what cheers you up. She wants to go deeper in who you are and what makes your relationship special. She thinks that is why she loves taking photos so much.
If she had it her way, her couples wouldn’t even look at her during a shoot. She is always telling people if you want to reconnect with your partner, schedule a photoshoot. Not only do you get this documentation to look back on and remember you just the way you are in that moment,Sansappelle but you have time set aside with no phones to stare at each other, kiss and whisper into each other’s ears. (Yes, she actually has you do that.)
Couples who are fun, adventurous and can’t keep their hands off each other are her type of people.
What brings her the most joy in life is connection to people and she feel =lucky to meet so many incredible humans through this venture.
She wants to travel around with people, explore and capture it all. She is not a posy kind of gal.
She wants your photos to feel RAW, authentic and to tell your story because it’s important.

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