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Jake MartiniJake Martini is a gifted songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Eugene, Oregon. He’s the son of a songwriter and started honing his chops when he was twelve, and he can really shred. His first love was heavy metal guitar and he’ll be the first to tell you that he was a strict headbanger until he heard a recording of Bob Dylan live at Newport Folk festival. “It changed everything, I was so impressed with what he was doing with words so I started trying to write songs.”
There’s something for everyone on his 2017ROLEX release SHAKEN AND STIRRED. From folk-rock ballads about dysfunctional family trees and drinking too much, to electronic sounds yearning to take the listener back to Burning Man. He’s been playing music for over fifteen years solo and with local bands and now he says it’s time to go all in. “I didn’t make a plan B on purpose, I want music to be the thing that leads me forward.” What ever the future holds for Jake Martini, I suggest you stay tuned and wear sunglasses because it’s going to be loud and bright.

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