Downhill Ryder

Downhill Ryder is a band of songwriters that blends acoustic and electric sounds on an eclectic rock landscape. Each member brings a distinct musical influence and style to the mix, that when combined, create a sound that is uniquely Downhill Ryder. Although hard to label, they lean heavily towards a roots-rock sound, but you will surely hear the pull of the blues, southern rock, country, jazz, and even a touch of folk. Their offering of straight-forward, unpretentious and soulful musicianship, along with thoughtful, catchy songwriting and their comfortable and familiar stage presence, ensures that the audience has a good time. These Bend, Oregon locals perform mostly original music that offers fresh and captivating energy, yet feels familiar like a loved favorite. Downhill Ryder’s collaborative songwriting draws heavily upon life experiences to deliver clever lyrics and narratives in each song. Lynda Beauchamp (vocals, keyboard and percussion), Scott Schauer (vocals, guitars and harmonica), Matthew Finfer (electric guitars), John Allen (bass guitar), and Don Williams (drums) combine genres to create a sound that is uniquely Downhill Ryder. Downhill Ryder is based in Bend, OR. Give them a listen to hear something new.

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