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Corine LewisCorine Lewis is an entrepreneur, choreographer, entertainer, and television/radio host. Corine was raised in Eugene, Oregon where she attended Willamette High School and the University of Oregon. At a young age, Corine became a professional choreographer teaching dance teams and cheerleading squads across the United States. She was a member of the University of Oregon cheerleading squad before becoming a cheerleader for the NBA Portland Trailblazers. Preceding her professional cheerleading career, Corine was crowned Mrs. Oregon and also became coach and choreographer for the nationally ranked University of Oregon cheerleading squad. She got her first break on Comcast Sports, 11 week reality series called,Corine Lewis “The Making of an Oregon Cheerleader”. She then was hired as a co-host for the NFL sports talk radio show, “Hard Hitten Radio”.
As a result of interviewing hundreds of professional athletes, she was afford the opportunity to become host and producer of the up and coming television series, “Life Beyond The League”. She is the host of the new reality series called “The Producer” airing in 2015. Corine is proud to say she continues to assist and facilitate numerous charity events for world-renowned professional athletes and celebrities to raise money and awareness to noteworthy causes.

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