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Connor O'SheaConnor O’Shea was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. He exhibited his interest in music at an early age, shocking his parents by memorizing the lyrics to every song on their copy of Jethro Tull’s Aqualung while in kindergarten. He took up piano at age 7 and began playing guitar at age 12. By high school O’Shea had become enamored with the art of jazz improvisation, and headed to the University of Southern California’s Studio/Jazz Guitar program.
While in music school, Connor O’Shea realized a fascination with pop songwriting, particularly that of west coast music legend and leader of the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson. He played and led rock bands while in Los Angeles, writing and composing his ownConnor O'Shea songs. In April 2013, he digitally released his debut album “Submarine,” an album that made extensive use of unconventional harmony in juxtaposition with pop melodies and introspective lyrics.
Most recently, Connor released the psychedelic folk EP “Lord, It’s So Wonderful Under the Sun,” a mini-folk opera about the dream of a manic pill-addict’s realization of serenity, and a collection of demos dubbed “Pink Smiles/Electromania.” All of these recordings are available at Most recently, Connor is residing in the Eugene, OR area and regularly performing while constantly producing and composing new music.

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