Ashley Cook


I grew up in the kind of small Oregon town where we spent summers blissfully riding our bikes to the market for ice cream, learning to drive by doing donuts in the field behind the house, and falling asleep to the sound of crickets drifting in through the open window. But during teenage years filled with muddy handprints and camping gear, I recognized that — while I deeply loved those things — I also daydreamed of love stories, delicate flower petals, and lace.So when, in 2009, a friend let me play with her 35mm camera, what she’d really handed me was a ticket to my future. Heavy and filled with fresh film, it looked like one of those silver and black antique store finds that would end up next to a globe and a quote about travel on a shelf of your entertainment center. But there must have been something magical about that camera because, from the moment I took hold of it, photography took hold of me. And I’ve been a photographer ever since! Today, I tell the elegant wedding day stories of lovestruck couples worldwide. With a bottomless passion for travel and a soft, intentional approach to photography that is as romantic as it is timeless, I craft galleries that truly capture the essence of a wedding day. Fascinated by every glittering detail — from the bride’s smile to the heirloom necklace her grandmother let her borrow — I showcase every facet of a wedding day so you can treasure it for decades.But more than that, by limiting the number of weddings I take on each year, I build lasting bonds with each of my couples. I’m not just the stranger that shows up on a wedding day, clicks the camera a thousand times, and leaves. I’ve remade bouquets, sewn torn dresses, and calmed nerves. I’m the well of wedding knowledge brides can turn to for advice as they plan. I’m the friend who can nod supportively as couples vent about the struggles of seating charts. I’m the total sap who will have to wipe away tears to catch the photo of your first kiss as husband and wife.For me, wedding photography is about so much more than the photos we take. And that’s what makes it the best job in the world.But enough about me! I can’t wait to learn about you, your love story, and the radiant wedding day you are planning.

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