Annie Heron

Annie HeronI have decided to forego the Oregon Potters Ceramic Showcase in Portland this year, but I will be having a front yard pottery sale on April 29th. This will be in conjunction with our yearly neighborhood plant swap, so feel free to drop off or pick up free plants or garden supplies as you shop. Then in early June (8 – 10), I will be a part of a studio sale with 8 other Eugene artists Eugene’s Saturday Market season has begun and most Saturdays I will be there. Look for me somewhere on the west side of the east (Food Court) block. I have been selling cups and mugs at Tsunami BooksAnnie Heron for some time, and am showing tile collages at the Eugene location of EcoSleepSolutions.
I am proud to support both of these local businesses. Some of my work is done at home, much of it is done at Club Mud, a ceramics co-op housed at the Maude Kerns Art Center in Eugene. In general I do much of my hand-building and all of my tile collage and mosaic at home; wheel-throwing and firing take place at Club Mud. I love the way pots look when they’re freshly made and still wet. I love the way clay smells. I love the way you can press things into clay and leave an impression. I love the excitement of gas and wood firings. I love sharing my enthusiasm for clay with others.

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