Anne Nunn

Anne NunnMy husband, Paul and I are high school sweet hearts and have been happily married for 17 years. We live in the beautiful northwest, nestled in the Willamette Valley of Oregon where we raise our our three kids, Isabella, Gracelyn, and Lincoln and have two identical twin boys, Joshua and Kaleb in heaven.
My journey began in portrait photography after losing our twin boys and became a way for me to heal by finding the beauty in every day life. Grief has a way of cloudingAnne Nunn over the evidence of the every day blessings and by seeking to record these moments it brought joy to my heart.
Now despite this journey being birthed from loss, we have a thriving business that gives us the opportunity to document the most precious of moments for our clients and in so doing, we have come to know some of the sweetest of families, some whom we are fortunate to call our dear friends. This is a beautiful life we live.

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