Amanda Meg

Amanda MegHey there! I’m so glad you are here! I can’t wait to get to know you better, let me tell you a little about me! I love Jesus! I love being a wife to my hot husband Tommy! I love being a mom to my two sweet little boy’s, Balian and Brycen. They are my world! I love my boys more than words can express! When I’m not shooting, I’m spending my time with them, my family and close friends. I do love me some healthy fresh food! Nothing like a bowl of homemade soup, arugula crispy salad and a yummy loaf of bread! I love learning about health and nutrition. (I’m a clean hippy at heart!) I’m an essential oil addict! I have to admit I have the biggest sweet tooth and so does my husband and boys!

SO that means if I make a batch of cookies, you better believe we polish them off before the night is done! Thats no joke! Its okay to juice carrots, kale and lemons, and then have a bowl of ice cream an hour later right?! Thats my life, a healthy balance and mix of enjoyment and trying to be responsible! I loveAmanda Meg people! People have always been my passion. There’s an energy and joy that I feel when I’m with others. My heart is happy and I want to make each and every one of you feel special! Being able to be a part in moments my clients have me in, truly make me feel like God has put me in the career I’m meant to be in. I can’t wait to meet you and capture some memories for you to cherish. Let’s spend some time together soon!

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