Debbe Cornitius


Debbe CornitiusDebbe lives in Eugene, Oregon. She received her MFA degree in 1991, from the University of Oregon in Eugene. Since that time, she has been working out of her studio as an independent sculptor. She has shown in many different galleries in Oregon and a few in California. She is currently showing at the Earthworks Gallery in Yachatts, Oregon.
She has done a number of commissions and continue to have an interest in working with clients who would like a specific piece done to their specifications. In the last 3 years herDebbe Cornitius interests have expanded to painting with acrylics. Both her sculpture and her paintings take on a sense of abstraction of the natural world.
Although she has often talked about pursuing painting it wasn’t until her late sister Miccie gifted her an online painting course that she actually started painting. She dedicates all of her work in this medium to her memory.

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