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Cullen VanceCullen Vance started playing violin at the age of 8, which he quickly switched for the guitar which he is self-taught. From there he has taught himself Piano, erhu, mandolin, harmonica, and all the beautiful instruments he has been blessed to visit his home. He is currently based in Eugene, Oregon where he writes and records his solo albums. Cullen Vance is a self taught musician based in Eugene, OR. He plays over 12 instruments including: Violin, Guitar, Piano, Mandolin, Hand Drums, Tin Whistle and Bodhran. He is most known for his “Live Looping Electric Violin” Performances where he records and loops his own accompainment, completely live.Print Stop
Cullen is also an accomplished sound designer for film and theatre and has written, recorded and produced more than 5 solo albums. Cullen Vance is also a professional actor and storyteller and has performed through California, Oregon and Washington. Cullen’s speciality is Improvisational theatre and the Stage movement philosophy of “viewpoints.” He studied improv and movement with the Steppenwolf Theatre Company, the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and the Michel Chekov Association. Cullen was mentored and learned his style of storytelling from the ledgendary Mark Lewis.

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