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XplosionJesus “Chuy” Pineda, is the bass player and leader of Xplosion. Born and raised in El Paso, TX. Chuy was raised surrounded by music all his life, his late father being a huge influence on him. Chuy self-taught himself how to play guitar at the young age of 8 years old, accordion, keyboards and bass followed right after. His talent and love for Conjunto and Tejano caught the attention of other local musicians. He became one of the original member of Tejano recording group, Tormenta in 1992. He was a part of many accomplishments with Tormenta, including recording three CDs with the group, (1993) Llorando Gotitas de Sangre, (1994) Nos Vemos En El Cielo and (1994) Volvi a Sonar. His musician days came to pause when he married Erica Vargas Pineda in 1995. They created a family with three sons, Jesus Jr “Jesse”, Jacob Andrew and Joe Anthony Pineda, all three born with natural musical talent. Chuy continues to live in El Paso, TX, where he raised his family. His sons, now being young men were raised and surrounded by a variety of genres of music; oldies, country, salsa, conjunto, cumbias and tejano of course. But it was the Tejano that always caught their attention. All three of his sons always admired their dads musical talent and the stories about how he learned to play instruments and his Tormenta stories. They always told him that they were going to continue the legacy of dad being a musician by heart, body and soul. Chuy proudly, began a local 5 piece band for his sons in 2005 named, Vizion. He wanted his sons to get a taste of the responsibilities, the excitement, challenges and the passion of performing live music for an audience. Vizion performed at many local events throughout the years. The story continues with his sons growing up to be young men and ready to take the next step in becoming a traveling band. Now, in 2015, two of his sons are getting their feet in the world of the Tejano music industry. Jesus Pineda Jr. “Jesse”, is the accordion, alto sax, tenor sax, keyboard player, backup vocalist and music writer for Xplosion. Jacob Pineda is the drummer for Xplosion. Both Jesse and Jacob are brothers and children of Chuy and Erica Pineda. Jesse was born in San Antonio, TX, the family moved back to El Paso, TX to be raised near family. Soon after, Jacob was born and raised in El Paso, TX. No need to stress how much Jesse and Jacob were raised with music in their lives, they fell in love with music at a very young age. Kumbia Kings and Jay Perez replayed on their radio day and night. Jesse learned how to play the accordion at the age of ten, following in the footsteps of his father, he learned the accordion and multiple instruments soon after. Some of Jesse’s favorite genres are Country, Jazz and Tejano. Jesse has performed with the El Paso Youth Jazz Ensemble, the El Paso Jazz Ensemble alongside many of the best jazz performers in the region (2010-2013). He receiving the Louie Armstrong Award in 2013 and multiple Jazz Soloist Awards throughout high school. Jesse adds jazz all his sax and accordion playing, making the sounds of Xplosion have a sweet jazzy feel to the groove. Jacob Pineda, the younger of the two brothers, tried all of the same instruments as his big brother but found the drums to be his instrument at the age of eleven. Jacob had one of the nations most recognized percussionist, C. McAllister to learn from throughout all of middle school and high school. He placed first in many local and regional jazz competitions as well as competing at one of drumlines most difficult competitions, Pasic at Austin, TX. The event that changed his life was to perform at the Chicago Mid-west Music Festival, this is recognized as a prestigious honor. Him meeting and playing alongside some of world’s best musicians, gave him to set the goals hire and he began the road his professional musical career at the age of seventeen. By the time both Pineda brothers were preteens, dad put together a small local band for them, called Vizion. Vizion had their first gig in 2008, at a local church bazaar for an audience of about 200 people. It was love at first gig for the Pineda brothers! Vizion continued for many years as one of the local favorite bands. As the years past and the graduated high school and enrolled in college, dad thought it was time to give it a shot at the traveling band scene. Xplosion first gig was 4th of July festival in El Paso, TX. Xplosion started off with 5 members; Chuy, Jesse, Jacob, Andy Pineda and Isaiah Uranga. Andy Pineda is the guitar, bajo sexto player and song writer for Xplosion. Andy is Chuys big brother, and godfather of Jesse and Jacob. Andy has always played guitar alongside his brother Chuy, no matter what band he was in. Andy’s dream has always been to play in a band with his family, travel, meet some of the best Tejano musicians and get his music recorded on a CD. This was the beggining of Xplosion. The style of music began as conjunto music with a twist of jazz adding the saxophone to some of the music. A few months later, in October of 2015, the Trujillo brothers added the sounds of brass to Xplosion. Both Raymond Trujillo and Christopher Trujillo were born in Alamogordo, NM but resides in Las Cruces, NM for many years now. The Trujillo brother were also raised with music in their family. Their father Frank Trujillo, a drummer, was their musical influence and also introduced them to Tejano music. Raymond Trujillo, is the trumpet and backup vocalist for Xplosion. Ray is the older of the two brothers. Right after high school he was about to hang up his trumpet, their father, Frank Trujillo, who was a drummer at the time asked him to play with his group, Royal Aces, a Tejano band. Later his uncle, who was in another group, encouraged him to follow his lead on second vocals, this caught his interest, his heart and soul in the type of music he wantd to play, Tejano. He has had the honor of playing with a couple of Tejano legends, one in particular is Johnny Hernandez in which gave him so much advice and encouragement. Ray has a musical career of 30 years, after playing in his father’s band, he played with many groups from Tularosa, NM to Las Cruces, NM. Now having introduced all five members of Xplosion, Jesus “Chuy” Pineda, Jesus Jr “Jesse” Pineda, Jacob Pineda, Andy Pineda, and Raymond Trujillo it is obvious that these band members are more of a family group than just a band. Xplosions music idols range from Little Joe to AJ Castillo. Which lead them to the style that they have produced as something new, a mixture that is bringing the old in with the new. The music has the old brassy Tejano with a mix of the old conjunto and a pinch of jazz, it’s a mixture of all the members’ best sounds. They also bring something different to the stage, they entertain the audience with not only choreographed moves but they engage with the audience. They take advantage of today’s technology, wireless microphones all around, and dance with the crowd on the dance floor, serenade to the audience on their seats and make the show something you’ll want to see over and over again. Xplosion as a whole, has experienced a fast path to the Tejano Industry since the winter of 2015. They were invited to perform once at San Antonio, TX Fan Fair 2016. Their one and only performance opened the door to performing three more performance throughout the Fan Fair weekend. As well as opening for Emilio and Raulito Nevaira and Jay Perez all within that very same weekend. Xplosion also caught the attention of Gilbert Velasquez, and is currently recording their first CD with the best in the Tejano Music at the Velasquez Music Recording Studios. Xplosion was invited and accepted to perform at one of the world biggest festivals this summer, at the Milwaukee Summer Festival, Mexican Fiesta. Xplosion is working hard on a fast path to success in the world of music! Xplosion is bringing back the old, to the new! One more thing, the wife of Chuy, mother of Jesse and Jacob Pineda, was mentioned at the beginning of this band biography because she plays a role in the band as well, she is the “momager”! She manages and promotes Xplosion, hoping to get them to the level of the Tejanos Best!

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