Sunshine Pumpers

Based out of El Paso, Texas, the Sunshine Pumpers consist of Chas Miller, RubénLuis, Jimmy Fabens and Gary Leeah. Running in the same studio circles and live music scene early in their careers, the musicians played the large and small stages of the US and participated in numerous recording sessions that included projects for labels such as Capitol Records and BMG, soundtracks for TV, and jingles. After years of struggling financially, each reluctantly left the music business and entered the corporate world to support their families. Many years later, in an effort to distract themselves from the pressure and stress of the workplace, the four musicians reconnected and began writing songs during the evenings and weekends, and in the process discovered that they had an undeniable musical chemistry. Still holding on to their dreams, the group of eternal optimists made the commitment in 2013 to devote all their time and resources to their true passion, and thus began the recording sessions for their self-titled debut album, mixed by up-and-coming mixer/producer Danny Ventura and mastered by Grammy award winner Marco Ramirez. Fronted by the expressive and dynamic vocals of Chas Miller, and using classic techniques with new-school technology, their music can best be described as a sophisticated blend of Pop, Rock and cinematic music that at times is complex yet always pleasurable.

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