Shanaya Fastje

Shanaya is an eccentrically eloquent writer extraordinaire and aficionado of story-telling. As an avid world-traveler with a special perception of her surroundings as a result of exposure to different cultures, Shanaya’s remarkable experiences and accomplishments propelled her to write with a boundless nonconforming imagination, inciting passionate emotional responses in diverse audiences through immersive narratives. Her work evokes awareness of common tribulations in a way that stirs a craving for deeper connections. Being profoundly inspired by mythology, symbolism, and how works of art in any form can be translated, Shanaya’s writing is ambiguous, spirited by humanity’s complexities. Ms. Fastje’s broad range of talent surpasses the impression of average. When her career set in motion at a very young age as a national motivational speaker – speaking with great ardor each time – she evolved into being distinguished as a young influential Latinx woman, and an international award winning author of five books by the time she was eighteen. At the age of twelve, with a unique niche of authorship, Shanaya signed a traditional publishing contract for her impactful, multi-international award winning book Bully in The Mirror, which offers tools for youths and parents alike to encourage building stronger self-esteem and confidence while battling the effects of bullying. At thirteen years old, Shanaya graduated high school with honors and nineteen credits over the requirement in Texas. She was raised in simplicity by a stay-at-home Latinx mother and a hard-working German immigrant father, her upbringing humble yet unconventional. Her passion for human connection was awakened by the swallows that nested in the porch of the house she grew up in. Shanaya’s long list of extraordinary achievements has been highly praised. Shanaya has been awarded by prominent figures including: President Barack Obama, Governor Rick Perry, Mayor John Cook – proclaiming Shanaya Fastje day in El Paso Texas, the city of Burbank (CA) – honoring her with the Austin Cook Award, and many more.

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