Omar & Lorenza Mena

Hi there! My name is Omar. I’m co-owner, with Lorenza, of Mena Video & Photography. I started in the business in 2004 and Lorenza joined me in 2007. Since my first wedding in 2004, we have covered almost 300 events (both Quinceanera and Wedding). We love what we do and are constantly doing our best to train and learn. As a photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to shoot a few documentaries for Al Jourgensen (6x Grammy Nominee of the band Ministry) as well as countless magazine covers. One really cool thing happened for me in 2013, I had one of my prints hung for display at the Hard Rock Cafe in Hollywood. 🙂 Even though our passion is in photography, I’m a huge music geek. What would I do without an Ipod?! So, as you’re reading this, you might think…what separates us from any other photographer in El Paso. The answer is simple. My studio puts its money where its mouth is. If you aren’t thrilled about your products and/or service with our studio… we don’t deserve to get paid. That’s right…we’ll give you your money back. This is how confident I am about how you will love your images. Your prints are printed on Kodak Endura (the best in the ENTIRE planet) and books printed on Fuji Pearl Paper (best in the industry for custom albums). In a digital age, it may seem that books and prints are obsolete but I can assure you, there is nothing like putting a frame on your desk of your engagement session, canvas groupings on the walls of your home, sharing your acrylic covered album that is smudge proof, fingerprint proof and even WATERPROOF with your family and friends during the holidays. The book is also library bound (unlike many other custom books that are glued together) so it is meant to last.
Omar Mena
An international published photographer/cinematographer for his work with Grammy-nominated artist(s) and fine art portraiture. His work has been published in L.A. Weekly, Revolver Magazine, Metal Hammer UK, Gibson Guitars and Schecter Guitars. Omar first became interested in photography in high school but the actual crossover into the professional world of photography surfaced with George Strait. “I was writing a review for a local paper. When I checked in, the photographer hadn’t shown up. So, I grabbed my camera and took a chance. I never got another writing assignment again!” Omar, also a cinematographer, has a passion for capturing “in the moment” footage and has taken that to an wide audience. His first documentary, “The Making of Relapse”, was released in 2012 on Thirteenth Planet Records and has three more documentary’s released since then. He also has prints hanging in the Hard Rock Hotels (San Diego & Hollywood). In addition, Omar has also studied with the master portraiture artist, Clay Blackmore, and continues his education towards a Masters in Photography. “I think it’s important to keep my finger on the pulse of what is going on in my industry. I want to give my clients the best…so I study with the best.”
Lorenza Mena
My name is Lorenza Mena and joined Mena Video & Photography in 2007. My induction into photography happened during a short-lived stint with “empty nest” when Omar gifted me a film camera over 10 years ago, and a new passion was moved me since. I love to photograph landscapes and have made many trips touring nearby nature areas to test my growing interest and skill. My present role with Mena Video & Photography is wedding/event photographer, production, and managing the business end of running our studio. Photography is an art that is fascinating, provocative, driving, inspiring, satisfying and at times frustrating. From the technical point of view (and what appears a simple tenet) one learns to apply shutter speed, aperture, and ISO … and then … add the lens – for the amazingly endless possibilities with the variety of exposures! From the artistic point of view, one develops the photographer’s “eye”, with help from the heart, the brain, and the emotions as guiding lenses by which one may generate the image. … I better stop now. The business of running a business is working with people and in the best self that Omar and I muster, we love to serve others in their photography needs. Generally, I am serious and light-hearted, Omar has a good sense of humor. We endeavor to be genuine, transparent, and hard working for our clients. We also strive for quality work and products. These attitudes have brought us repeat business, for which we are grateful, and we will continue to make new customers and friends. My fascination with wall portraits has helped me develop editing skills to create the most tender, the most creative, the loveliest, even funky and quirky, most beautiful portraits that our clients inspire. I am at your service and will continue to work and grow in this field.

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