When one thinks of El Paso, Texas what comes to mind? Indian summers, friendly people, the best Mexican food north of Rio Grande. While each may be true, four home-grown musicians plan to add another accolade to the West Texas town.
Controversial as Manjelly may sound, there is nothing controversial about this bands unique sound. Manjelly originated in 2006 with a goal to be original. Luis Bustillos, the bands guitar player and vocalist and Ric “ Rio “ Carrillo, drummer and vocalist had a vision to further their musical talents towards a musical reality. Victor Lara, Man jelly’s keyboard player and vocalist was introduced and the music began to materialize into something special. Yet there was a crucial element missing. In the summer of 2006 the band was complete with the addition of bassist and vocalist Juan “Johnny Moon “Luna. Soon it was apparent that a sound man would be necessary and Luis Bustillos Jr. assumed the role. This proved to be an added fortune since Luis Jr. also a DJ, entertains the bands followers with music in between sets.
The members found a unique musical comradery and they and soon became favorite among the El Paso music circuit, gaining a dedicated following. Much of their success is attributed to the bands versatile approach to music. While the group is comfortable playing scores from a multitude of artists, Manjellly prides itself on their debut LP, Highway 10-Coast to Coast. This assembly of music promises to please an array of listeners as the tunes possess a wide spectrum of rhythmic melodies.

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