Lisa Matta

Lisa Matta is a full time artist in El Paso, Texas. Lisa works out of her studio in Santa Teresa, New Mexico and creates a painterly and loose style while achieving a realistic look in her paintings. She is known for her luminous and richly colored landscapes of the El Paso area, Italy, Mexico and various scenes of missions and still lifes that capture her imagination. She also has been exhibited in numerous juried competitions and local museums. “My best work occurs when I allow myself to be in the painting. There is an energy that comes out of you that connects you to a deeper place.” There she can convey her passion onto the canvas and allow her viewer to enjoy the end result.Growing up in a little town in Mesa, Arizona, Lisa’s mother enrolled her in art classes at the age of twelve.DAS She realized she had a talent for drawing and sketching and wanted her to excel at painting. Lisa was born in Mesa and remained there until her early twenties. She moved to California to venture out of the small city where her parents owned and operated a family restaurant which still remains today. “I thought I was destined to be in the family business but my heart said otherwise.” When she moved to the west coast there she decided to take courses in art design at the local college. She graduated but it wasn’t in art. She earned her degree in Computer Programming. Her dream of becoming an accomplished artist was put on hold.

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