Josef Langston

I’ve worked as a Sign Painter, Illustrator, Army Recruiting Poster designer here at Fort Bliss, Texas for over twenty years, before making the transition into fine art. After retireing from Government employment I became involved with the local art community and El Paso Art Association and served as the Chairman for the first Western Art Show here in El Paso. Also served as the Director of the Sunland Art Gallery for just over one year. Primarily self taught, I have had some formal instruction as a child living in Germany in 1952, an as an adult here in Texas with Aleksander Titovets. Inspired by my love of the southwest and it’s lure of western scenery and tradition, I paint enduring landscapes and still lifes. I also paint portraits, giving a personal glimpse into the spirit of each individual. I have painted all my life, even during my military career, during my personal time, (peace time, and during war time) civilian career, so thru out the states, including Alaska, Korea, & Viet-Nam. God only know there all my paintings are, or end up at. I just hope they are enjoyed, as much as I enjoyed creating them. I have always signed and dated them, and a coupe of years ago, a lady emailed me and asked me is I painted this lady, her grandmother, in North Caroline, I believe she as in West Virginia. I was a paratrooper assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg at the time.

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