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Jake & Kasey HoltWe’re Jake & Kasey Holt, an award-winning husband and wife photography team. We have over a decade of experience with just about every type of wedding under the sun – redwood groves and art museums, tropical beaches and rock clubs, alpine lakes and boutique hotels, grand cathedrals and ballrooms. Regardless of where their weddings take place, we love creating fun, modern, vibrant images for all of our couples, and doing so in a relaxed, stress-free manner.
For those that remember Kodachrome, it’s the perfect way to describe our vision for your wedding photos – bright and bold. There are lots of talented photographers out there creating beautiful photography with subdued colors and tones – that’s just not how we see the world. If you’re nodding and thinking “yes, me too!” then we’d love to connectJake & Kasey Holt with you!
For a detailed info packet with pricing and lots of additional info about what we do and how we do it, contact us using the contact link above, or email us at jake@jakeholt.com. Please include your wedding date + location (venue, city, & state) and how you found us so that we may respond promptly with as much relevant info as possible. We’re looking forward to talking with you!

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