Edward Louis

Here I am, 8 years after buying my first camera to document my family and friends, I’m documenting the events and lives of total strangers. It was a natural progression after those around me grew tired of a camera haunting them, I began photographing people and things on the street in which I found interesting. Eventually word spreads you have a camera and someone asks to photograph their wedding. At first I was totally against the idea as I really had no interest in weddings, then thought “hey, it might be cool that they remember these photos forever” and it was. Documenting weddings really has become a joy, as I get to meet so many great people and share in a seminal day in their lives. Along with photographing weddings I take portraits, whether its for memories of family or a billboard advertising a business, portraits are what drew me to photography. Please take some time looking around my site and if something about my work strikes you to inquire into working with me please use the Contact page. I’m grateful every time a message is sent from someone considering me as their photographer.

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