Carlos Eduardo Ortiz

Carlos Eduardo OrtizCarlos Eduardo Ortiz is a prolific pop artist with a career spanning more than 20 years. His paintings adorn galleries, celebrity homes, offices, and public spaces in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. In his work, Carlos highlights the emotions that people and objects evoke in him, using large-format canvasses and unexpected color combinations to convey that emotion to his audience. His immediately recognizable style—heavily influenced by Warhol, Max, and Pollock—blends precision and controlled chaos. Carlos has a passion and unique talent for working with large groups of children to create art through his ArtDay experience. Children’s hospitals, orphanages, and schools regularly commission Carlos to architect and deliver these unique collaborations around the U.S. and abroad. Through his art, Carlos has raised well over $500,000 for a wide range of charitable organizations. In 2016, Carlos joined forces with BEHR Paint to enrich the ArtDay experience for all parties involved. Carlos was born in Mexico City in 1966, and he has made Austin, Texas his home since 1980. He received his art education from Baylor University. Carlos and his wife, Ellen, love parenting their two children, Breck and Alexa.

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