Andrea Christie

Andrea ChristieAndrea Christie is a clay artist, educator and collaborator in Tigress Tile It is my intent to create ceramic works of art that tie a sense of time and memories to the physical nature of the hand and earth. By utilizing slip cast and handbuilt functional objects, I am able to explore the conversation between form and surface. I consistently focus on designing, drawing, and painting on clay, whether in my individual studio practice making pots, or making and painting on ceramic tile with my collaborator; Austin painter, Lisa Choinacky. Porcelain vessels and soft white hand made tiles both act as a blank canvas, where creative exploration and intuition are given precedence.
I use underglaze pencils and colors for staining, drawing, and painting on the smooth surface of the white clay. Custom decals sourced from vintageAndrea Christie textiles (my Mother’s collection of vintage handkerchiefs) and my own sketches become layers of composition on functional pieces. The soft and intimate nature of the material is revealed in the subtle beauty of a seam, or the spontaneity of a brush mark. I enjoy exploring symbolic images and patterns which relate to the domestic, the familiar, and the incidental, and many are inspired by my surroundings and my memories. I also strive to highlight and preserve the beauty of simple and direct marks in the clay itself, or in the surface design.
In my personal studio practice as well as my collaboration, I consistently focus on synthesizing my personal iconographies and mark making, with Andrea Christiethose made by my collaborator, or with the textile designers and illustrators of the past. I scale my pieces, my mark making, and my compositions to invite the viewer to take a step closer, and investigate the thoughtful details. My work is intended to nestle into a domestic space, and evoke a celebration of the material, the trace of the artists’ hand, and the timeless beauty of functional porcelain objects and tile.

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