Rayven Renai


Rayven Renai Thomas was born July 12, 1991 in Detroit MI. Rayven is the oldest of four children; Kierra, Kyesha, and Kyle Robertson. From the age of four, Rayven began to take interest in acting. From the moment Rayven stepped foot on stage, she knew acting was her calling. As Rayven grew older she never had any acting experience besides the play that she was in preschool. However, she did take drama classes in high school and college. Plus her high school talk show “Lets Talk”.
When Rayven was nineteen, she was tired of not having experience as an actress and decided that it was time for an change. Rayven decided to change her major to theatre and focus on her career. She later, started searching for casting calls in the Detroit area. In the beginning of 2012, Rayven was in her first film “Bare”. Although, it wasn’t a major role and she was an extra it was something to put on her resume. A week later, Rayven landed a speaking role in a film “No 1 in the World”. During the summer, she was an extra in “Approaching Midnight”. A featured extra in “Misled” and from there her career continue. By 2013, Rayven was casted in “Forbidden and Unbreakable” playing a hotel manager. She later, appeared in two commercials, a few short films, and two more featured films.

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