Pilar Côté


Pilar Côté overlaps surrealism, traditional portraiture, folk art and comic illustration; while exploring ideas of feminism, culture, protest and empowerment. Côté understands the world through visual art, movement and sound and loves to fuse these outlets into time-sensitive pieces. Her recent works lean towards the unexpected with an expression of vibrant colors and bold lines. Painting, drawing, performance art, sculpting, installation and spoken word are her primary areas of artistic focus. “We cannot define beauty, but we know it when we see it,” Côté has said. Interested in intertwining beauty and darker themes, she has also been experimenting with abstraction, blurred lines, boundaries and discovery within her various mediums. Côté believes in building a space and ethos where the very best ideas can be born and thrive.
She is an artist who was born in Mexico, educated in Canada and now based in Detroit, MI. Having studied Fine Art, Côté has relied heavily on her core skills as a visual artist to explore and deliver in all forms of media. She has an expansive background in the entertainment and fashion industries where her strengths in creative direction, experiential marketing and branding developed out of a love of blending various elements of her creative practice. Côté’s images reveal her appreciation for comic illustration and animation (especially Manga and Anime) as well as traditional art techniques. Continually, she finds herself drawn to the Baroque movement, Ukiyo-e, Shin-hanga, Street Art, Pop Art, and Abstract Art. Music inspires her profoundly and her taste for it is vastly eclectic. She is also a Performance Artist, Choreographer, Poet and Disc Jockey/Songwriter/Vocalist/Producer (www.pilarcote.com).

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