Mona Sullivan

 Mona Sullivan HandmadeMona Sullivan’s passion is to create handmade lamp work beads! Most of the time that she’s not at her day job is spent in her lamp work studio where she is either at the torch, on the computer, or at the metal workbench – full of ideas, and not enough time to get them all out!
Her favorite design element is the dot! Dotted beads are her favorite beads to make and she loves trying new variations on that theme.
Her new “Treasure Curios” are vintage-looking lamp worked art glass with hand forged mixed metal components. Each piece is unique and all are created by hand using mostly old world methods. First the bead is made by melting glass with a torch into a specific shape and design using various colors of glass and techniques. Then the finished bead is kiln annealed for lasting strength and durability. After this process is Kondryacomplete, the metal components are hand forged to fit the size and match the coloring of the bead. Bead caps are cut from various metals – copper, brass, or silver – and then manipulated by hammering or etching a pattern then patinated for warmth. Mona enjoys mixing colors of metal depending on the colors of the bead itself. When this process is complete and a desired look is obtained, the finished caps and bead are assembled using tubing that then rivets all the pieces in place. These treasures range in size – from a small bracelet size to a large 1 1/2″ – 2″ – and make wonderful pendants or curios.
Mona is a member the “Self-Representing Artists” #S101, Glass Act – Southeastern Michigan Beadmakers Guild, and the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild – both based in Detroit.

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