MISCOMUNICADO’s psychedelic blend of 60’s rock with 80’s funk & disco is filled with catchy hooks, soaring guitars, and groovy rhythms that will keep you dancing, singing along, and questioning your existence, all at the same time. “MISCOMUNICADO prides itself on having a combination of audio and visual marvels on display during their live shows, and the band’s recording track record makes this combination seem promising given the high quality of their content in recent years.” – Adrian Bambace, 24ourmusic.net. Originating in suburban Philadelphia, MISCOMUNICADO found their home in Colorado and developed a sound they call “Future Classic Rock.” Thriving off of an energetic crowd, paired with live visuals from skEYEfi, they never play the same set twice. MISCOMUNICADO is an experience that everyone needs to see to understand.
MISCOMUNICADO has shared the stage with acts such as G. Love and Special Sauce, The Werks, Twiddle, Dopapod, Coleman Hell, Cisco Adler, Juno What?!, Slow Caves, Stepdad, Ria Mae.

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