Megan Murphy


Megan Murphy is an Emmy-award winning makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist in Royal Oak, Michigan. Long before she had her parents’ permission, Megan would practice applying shadow, liner, and lipstick on her teenage face. “I would use my entire allowance on makeup. I was obsessed with the newest shades and products.” Her makeup skills were soon sought out by her friends and classmates who became her first clients, and she quickly developed a passion for making others look and feel beautiful.
Her work is about finding the balance between looking beautiful on camera and flawless in person. Her friendly and professional demeanor, along with her ability to adapt to any client’s requirements, provides a unique and thorough client experience. She gives her clients a flawless complexion and an amazing glow—makeup that looks natural but still makes an impact. She uses only the best products and has the highest standards in training and technique. Fast forward to the present, Megan has swapped school bathrooms for green rooms and studio sets and is one of the most talented and sought after artists in the industry. Now, the winner of a 2013 Emmy for Makeup Artistry, is available for commercial, bridal, special occasion makeup, and semi-permanent lash extensions.

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