Meg Darket

Meg Darket Meg Darket is a wife, mama, daughter, sister, friend, photographer, beer drinker, music lover, light seeker, and a dreamer. Meg calls her family – little love squad. Meg met her soul mate, Mark in high school. Together they love music, beer (he brews!) and they might have a slight obsession with Game of Thrones. Their daughter, Ella is one of the sassiest little girls she’s ever met. She’s obsessed with reading and loves to dance. She has the kindest heart, the most gentle soul and every day Meg is so proud to be her mom. They also have a pup named, Lollie Bey who loves nothing more than snuggling with her. She’s their sweet, delicate flower. When Meg is not behind the camera one can find her with her little love squad in their tent or hiking somewhere in Michigan, on an airplane traveling to her favorite places like LA, strolling around her favorite city, Detroit or sitting at a brewery sipping on the best IPAs – gimme all dem hops! Meg chases light and savors every minute of a perfect sunset.

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