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Marcus RobinsonAre you ready for some seriuos fusion-funk, Marcus Robinson lays it down with a sound reminiscent of Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters Band. His soulful guitar style ranges from the elegance of smooth jazz, to funky wah-wah rhythms to screaming high-energy solos from this virtuoso guitarist. Marcus Robinson, a native of Miami, Fl, was born into a family of highly talented singers and musicians in the “praise music” genre. After discovering a love of guitar and vocals at the age to 10, he played with numerous local bands in area. Notable players from that nascent circle of development were the likes of Carmen Lundy, Curtis Lundy, Bobby Watson, Greg G-Rob Robinson, Gloria Estafan and others. Marcus studied music privatelyMarcus Robinson and also attended the University of Miami’s School of Music.

He has performed (24 Jul 2009) with the Southwest Michigan Symphony Orchestra directed by Robin Fountain was a “smash hit.” Its was complete with soaring guitar solos, and extraordinary performances by Herb Smith (trumpter) and Niki Haris (vocals) among other features. We did a full range of music from swing jazz, jazz-fusion, pop and funk. Orchestra arrangements were provided by Jeff Tyzik (Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, NY) and the legendary Motown bassist Tony Newton (who also played bass on the gig). In his Gun Metal Black band (2010), Marcus collaborates with Peter Chwazik (drums), Skeeto Valdez (drums), and Brandon Chase to create his own brand of improvisational jazz-funk-fusion.

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