Liz Frankland

Liz Frankland is a painter in Berkley, MI. She works primarily with acrylics on canvas in a loose but realistic style. She studied fine art at the College for Creative Studies and graduated with a BFA in 1996. Finding the point where detail can be expressed accurately yet abstracted is the common thread in all of her work. Everyday spaces, figures that resonate with a mid-century aesthetic; and interiors filled with light and shadow are some of the subject matter which drives her work.
My work is a combination of realism with tensions between texture, gesture and fluid paint layers. I seek expression with just enough detail in order for the piece to resonate accurately and with feeling. The overall style and feel of classic movies is a prominent influence on my aesthetic in particular inspiring the way I see people, objects and places. As a result, I am interested in studies of mundane details of our spaces and surroundings. These details tend to speak in intangible ways about the human experience. I feel like there is something very familiar about what is not carefully arranged or balanced and when a composition is non-traditional. I look for beauty in what might otherwise be overlooked. And through this, I think it says something about who were are, what we recognize and the emotions we feel.

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