Keith Emmerich


Keith Emmerich is an award winning, classically trained photographer, with a career spanning over twenty years, beginning with Photo Journalism and Wedding Photography. A graduate of Boston University, his precise lighting skills and beautiful compositions soon put him at the top of his field as the owner of one of Metro Detroit’s most respected studios, focusing on portraiture and architectural assignments for a wide array of clients.
Keith has a passion for creating amazing photography “in camera” but that has not stopped him from becoming highly skilled with photo manipulation and retouching. Keith began teaching workshops in the “rust belt” and soon found a passion for teaching, which lead him to the Director of Photography at The Academy for Media Production in Pennsylvania. Currently Keith resides in Detroit, Michigan and is an assignment photographer. He is a two-time Gold medal winner at SkillsUSA and currently presides as the Tech Chair for Digital Cinema with the organization.

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