Jacquelyn Genevieve

Bay Pacific

Jacquelyn Genevieve Jacquelyn Genevieve loves to sleep, and breakfast is her favorite meal however, she never have enough energy to cook until lunch time. She spends a lot of time with her family, crafting, or working on oodles of projects around the house. She loves to build things from end tables to closet doors, anything that will save her a few dollars, just call her Tim the Tool Man, no shame! Tacos, nachos, Mexican..basically anything with meat, cheese, and chips are her all time favorite food and she can eat it every day. Jacquelyn rely way too much on her daily planner. She loves to Jacquelyn Genevieve plan parties, event/wedding planner would totally be her jam but photography has her heart. She loves to snowboard but ever since she went to Colorado it can never compare to the “mountains” here in Michigan. At 15, Jacquelyn met the man of her dreams and married later. After having their son, she doesn’t even know how life was even fun before he came along.

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