Heather Novak


A hopeless romantic since the age of six, award-winning author Heather Novak spent her nights reading vampire novels under her covers with a flashlight. After buying all of the L.J. Smith and Anne Rice books she could afford using babysitting money, she started writing her own ghost stories in the back of her math notebook. (Which explains a lot about her math grades.)
At age 15, Heather became an international rock star and radio DJ…well, technically a rock star in the theatre organ world. She went on to get a degree in film production and screenwriting from Wayne State University after forcing her parents to watch so many terrible student films, one of which even went viral! Heather’s life changed in 2003, when she was diagnosed with a rare disease called hypoparathyroidism (www.hypopara.org). Struggling to come to terms with her new normal, she obsessed over romance novels and movies, discovering her love of strong imagery and emotional storytelling. Heather dove head first into writing sex positive romance and never looked back. Heather resides near Detroit with the love of her life, Mr. Heather, and several imaginary (and hypoallergenic) pets. She is on the board of the Romance Writers of America Greater Detroit chapter and is a coordinator for the Booksellers’ Best Awards. Heather strongly supports the use of sarcasm and the Oxford Comma.

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