Ghost Embrace

Anne Freeman, singer/songwriter of Ghost Embrace, who’s writing and vocal style is highly influenced by her love of British Blues and Symphonic Metal, has once again reshuffled the lineup for her second contribution, “Quantum Heart.” This record is focused on the songs, and not on personalities. Quantum Heart is a living, breathing exercise in recreating epiphanies. Anne steps out from behind the 12 string, and stands front and center as the “Artist and Producer.” This time her focus is not on who contributed to the material, instead it’s about the best arrangement for the song. The Album is orchestrated by Eric Moon, who also plays piano on “Quantum Heart.” Eric has performed with Wilson sisters of Heart, Jackson Browne, Wendy and Lisa from Prince’s Revolution Band, Victor Wooten. Eric’s skills as an arranger and sound designer have been invaluable on “Quantum Heart” His ability to wrap layers of cinematic emotion around Anne’s vocal melodies and guitar parts, sets the tone for the whole record. Setting the pace for the Record is Drummer, Record Producer, founding member of Sevendust and Dad, Morgan Rose. Anne has always been a huge Sevendust fan, who better to collaborate with than the best. Voted no. 1 metal drummer by Modern Drummer magazine, Morgan has filled in for Tommy Lee and co-headliners Korn.
On bass is “Super” Mario Pagliarulo, a highly dedicated, passionate and innovative player that is distinguishable by his killer tone, articulation and skill. His unique perspective as a player is branded on every song he touches. Born and raised in Naples, Italy, Mario has spent the last 20 years building a career that spans the Atlantic and touches on almost every musical genre and style. He has toured and recorded with Serj Tankian of System of a Down, Larry LaLonde of Primus, Eddie Kramer, and Trevor Hall.
Nema Sobhani has returned once again to add his unique flavor and chord voicings to the project. Not only do we have the shred of Nema this time around, Anne has added even more shred, by exploiting the skills of guitarist Chance Gallagher. Chance has an incomprehensible passion and energy for his instrument, and you will rarely find him without his guitar. An exceptional shredder, whose soaring solos and articulate style is comparable to some of the greatest players in history. No lie.
The result is a rich blend of, symphonic and metallic grooves, which walks a thin line between progressive and melodic rock. The unique quality of the music is only over shadowed by the themes in each song. “Ghost embrace” gives the listener the opportunity to find the positive, even in the darkest moments, to heal the soul, sharing the experience of life. “Quantum Heart” adds humor and sarcasm to the lessons of life, and the ghosts we turn away from.

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