Ellen Sherman

Ellen Sherman grew up in a small town in southeast Michigan where spent most of her time outside, drawing and painting the flora and fauna around her. Inspired and intrigued by hikes in the woods and canoe trips down the Huron River, she was always playing with new materials and experimenting in paint. Ellen began her education at Arizona State University and subsequently fell in love with the American Southwest. Many of her current travels have brought her back to the Mohave and Sonoran deserts. Ellen transferred to Michigan State University to finish her degree and graduated in 2008 with a BFA in Studio Art. In spring of that year she moved to Miami, Florida where she helped co-found and lead the art department of ChickenBrick Studios, a mobile game and app studio. Though she loved working in tech and with digital media she longed to get her hands covered in paint again and in 2011 she left that position to pursue a full-time career as an artist. It was there in Miami that a lot of her current process was developed. Entranced by the ocean and it’s tides she made hundreds of sketches, paintings and studies of water movement and it’s shifting colors, resulting in a water-based and meditational practice. In early 2017 Michigan called Ellen and her husband back home where she now works out of her studio in Ann Arbor. Ellen is inspired by the colors of the natural world, her travels (taking her all over Europe, South America, Africa, Thailand and Japan) and a deep love of myth, tech and Sci-Fi.

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