Ed Sterling Stone


Jazz guitarist Ed Stone has released two CDs. His latest CD is entitled, “Magic Rhythm.” This CD was inspired by his first CD, “In The Morning Light” which received strong reviews of praise. Contemporaryjazz.com’s Jeff Charney said, “I started grooving to the CD right from the start” and, “the man can play a mean guitar.” Ed’s fans where also inspired by his vocals and requested he sing more on his next album. Ed’s latest CD, “Magic Rhythm,” has five vocals and five instrumentals with one instrumental using the catchy vocal phrase, “Got it Together.” Stone’s music blends improvisation with soulful beats with motivating melodies. Media and radio personalities agree that Stone is very talented and is poised to become a motivating musical force. Stone’s creative musical career began in Seattle, Washington at age 12 and now brings him to Detroit, Michigan where he makes his home. Stone studied music in college and has played in numerous jazz and top 40 groups. “I always knew I was a musician inside,” he said, “The guitar allows me to tell my story in a creative way that moves the listener.” Stone wrote, arranged, and produced both “Magic Rhythm” and “In The Morning Light.” Stone is also a medical doctor who practices in the Metro Detroit area. Currently Stone has been playing in local clubs and at special events in the Detroit area. Seldom Blues Jazz Restaurant, Rhino Club, 2005 Motown Celebration, Belle Isle Jazz Concert Series, Campus Martus Park Jazz Series and the Fox 2 Morning News Weekend Show on WJKB-TV are some of his key engagements. Stone is looking to expand his performances to regional audiences where he can convincingly demonstrate his unique brand of smooth jazz music.

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