DW Bass

DW Bass has appeared in various Stageplays such as Unequally Yoked & Church Girl (available on Netflix also both are available in Walmart or on walmart.com!!) He has also appears Regularly on the Lexitelevision Channel Via Youtube as well as in Dinner theater with Dunlap Entertainment! DW also has appeared in a commercial for The Hilton Suites & as an Extra in the movie Reel Steal. In the city of Southfield He studied Computers/Electronics & Massage Therapy at Everest & Siena Heights University before realizing that wasn’t really his passion. He promptly announced to the world his desire was to be an actor and has been seriously pursuing acting since. DW lives in Pontiac where he works as an actor. Hi most recent Stage appearance was in Suga Mamas Wedding & on tour in Deranged ( Washington DC, Baltimore MD, & Detroit Mi. 2013 & Toronto Canada 2012). In his free time DW enjoys playing Drums for churches as well as connecting with fellow actors on social websites like Facebook (facebook.com/datdwbass2) twitter (twitter.com/dwbass2) & Linkedin (lnkd.in/dwbass2.com) DW would like to thank each and every one of you for coming to see his shows,watching on youtube as well as all of your prayers & support!

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