Crystal Mielcarek

Crystal Mielcarek is a contemporary painter and illustrator from Detroit, Michigan. A graduate of the College for Creative Studies with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration, she’s been included in more than 20 groups shows and 3 solos shows across the country. She currently resides in Hamtramck, Michigan, working on freelance projects and showing her art in various galleries and conventions. Her work has been featured on many local album covers, comic book covers and posters, including the official poster of the Detroit Zoo.
Deciding at an early age that she wanted to be an artist, she started her first business on the elementary school bus with a binder of her works. She hired a fellow student to take orders for commissions, accepting anything from lunch money to bubble gum as payment for her drawings. Now she continues to make a living doing what she loves: painting. She generally works with acrylic on canvas panels, using bright colors with a touch of her dark sense of humor.

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