As the name implies, international recording artist Apropos has a voice suitable for any circumstance. The son of a minister, his lifelong connection with music developed in his younger years while performing gospel music in church. In 2010, Apropos (as the electric lead singer of Detroit band SOUL DIVIDE) began procuring a loyal and enthusiastic fan base while developing a reputation for rousing vocals and a dynamic stage presence. During a brief hiatus from music, Apropos found himself at a crossroad. With little more than passion and ambition to his name, Apropos made the faithful decision to quit his job as a car salesman and fully commit himself to pursuing a career in music as a solo artist.
Less than a year after his leap of faith, Apropos signed with IAMSOUND and Beverly Martel Music. His debut solo album, (Verse)atility, is set to be released in late 2018. Channeling a diverse group of influences, including everyone from Prince, Michael Jackson and Marvin Gaye to Jim Morrison and Lauryn Hill, Apropos strives to make music with a style and sound that defies traditional genres. With the renowned roots of Detroit’s iconic music history in mind, Apropos hopes to channel the legends of the past and bring a revitalized, “modern Motown” sound to the world.

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