Amy J. Greving

As an artist for over 25 years my art often begins with asingle photograph, a reflection of my eye—an eye that is deeply attracted tothe texture, pattern, and shape found in nature. Whether it is the intricate pattern on the bark of a tree, thegentle curve of a woman’s breast, or the smooth, shiny shapes of pebbles alongthe shores of Lake Superior, I seek to display the wonder of creation in itspurest form. From a single photograph, a single vision or impression, myart charts its own course. Fromphotograph to canvas to sculpture, my hands become dirty, my fingernails cakedwith the mediums of art, and my heart becomes filled with joy as each pieceblossoms, quite organically, into what it was meant to be. I hope to help those who view and purchase my art to feel connected tonature. Perhaps it is not alwaysobvious. But, quite possibly, theviewer will see in a new way and will feel a new appreciation for the organicelements around us.

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