Allye Gaietto

Allye GaiettoAllye Gaietto is a singer-songwriter based in Detroit, MI. Her songs range from sparse and simple to intricate and complex; genre-wise, it’s best described as sometimes eccentric, always thoughtful jazz-influenced pop. Her lyrics are wrought with self-aware fragility, brought to life by a voice always caught halfway between a shout and a whisper. You could say that Allye is one of Detroit’s best-kept secrets, but the truth is that she kept the secret herself. A classic introvert, Allye was writing songs in her bedroom for years before finally bringing them to the Detroit open mic scene. Once she met more of her fellow musicians, she struck up a recording deal with Gordon Smith of the Kickstand Band, and put together Some Kind of Heaven. Recorded mostly in Smith’s Detroit basement and mixed by Andy Thompson in Minneapolis, the EP is a testament to the power of a few good microphones and a lot of hard work.
As a live performer, Allye is an unexpected powerhouse. Once she steps onstage, a flip switches — she is no longer an unassuming wallflower, but a seasoned performer with commanding stage presence. With one song, she can stop the conversation of a whole bar; if it weren’t for the music, you could hear a pin drop. Some Kind of Heaven was released in November 2016 is available for streaming on Spotify, as well as for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and at

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