Alexa D

As an artist, Alexa knew she had a calling for music at an early age. During elementary school she loved to be a part of the choir and sing in front of the audience. She kept up with improving and practicing vocal techniques through middle school, as well as through high school. It wasn’t until her junior year that she overcame her fear of singing in front of a group when she went to Solo & Ensemble as a soloist. After that moment, it gave her confidence that there was nothing holding her back from pursuing the dream she always wanted. Her senior year of high school, she auditioned for the talent show, benefit concerts, and different solos that presented themselves during concerts. Alexa’s parents and sisters have always been supportive of her passion for singing and playing guitar. However, her father and her aunt had always thought she Alexa Dwould fit best in the medical field- and she did plan on going into the medical field for a while. She’s finished 4 years of college for nursing, however she continues to pursue music as that is what fills her heart with joy.. During class she wrote songs and imagined herself singing on stage in front of thousands of people. Her first guitar was a gift on her 12th birthday, but she didn’t learn how to play until she was 15. After she learned her first song, she began to play around with chords and began to start writing her own music. It wasn’t until early 2013 that Alexa took these skills and put them into action with some talented folks at Metro 37 Studios in Rochester Hills. She worked with Greg Stryker (musician/songwriter) and Kevin Sharpe (engineer/producer) and they began making her first tracks on her debut EP “Recover.” Alexa continues to perform in the metro Detroit area, from a simple performance at an open mic to driving for hours for a quick slot at a local bar, there’s nothing to big or too small for Alexa. She also continues to write and finds inspiration in anything and everything that presents itself.

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