Scott Beach

Scott Beach has been playing the Great Highland Bagpipes for over 35 years. Being the son of an Irish descended US Navy father and a mother who was born in Scotland, Scott was originally trained on the bagpipes by the world famous pipers, Murray and Patricia Henderson in Scotland, where Scott lived for 4 years in the early 1980’s. Scott is one of few bagpipers in Colorado trained in the Old Country and is devoted to sharing the Scots-Irish music and culture with his hundreds of audiences each year throughout the Rocky Mountain State and beyond. At the age of 12 Scott played through the gates and out into the courtyard of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland as a member of the British Royal Legion Pipe Band, a troop of 200 bagpipers and 60 drummers performing for a truly spectacular event in the castle courtyard. A few years ago Scott was requested to be the sole bagpiper to play to a very private company of several revered Lords and Ladies, including the Dowager Countess Strathmore (whose husband, the late Earl of Strathmore, was the Queen’s Cousin) in Scotland. The Strathmore family has owned Glamis Castle, since King Robert II first bequeathed it to them in 1372. Glamis Castle was also the childhood home of Her Majesty the late Queen Mother. Scott thoroughly enjoyed piping at this special occasion, especially as it was held on the banks of a salmon river upon which Scott’s Grandfather, Ned Coates, in his kilt as always, was employed as the estate Salmon Ghillie (guide) for over 40 years (Scott would spend his entire summers off school in the kilt and playing up and down the river banks as his grandfather guided the gentleman into catching salmon with their long Tay rods billowing in the breeze). Scott performs for over 250 performances in Colorado and surrounding states each year. Scott has also been an official Guinness Ambassador, performing for and MC-ing all of the Guinness Legacy Events in Colorado (which have included several trips to Las Vegas). Scott remains Guinness’s choice piper in Colorado. Scott has performed at concerts with Joe Cocker as well as events for Senators, Congressmen and Members of the British Parliament, and for Colorado’s last 3 Governors. Scott recently performed select songs for the famous actor and writer Malachy McCourt (brother of Frank McCourt, Pulitzer Prize Winner) and Scott has opened a Colorado Rockies home game by piping solo on homeplate “America the Beautiful” as well as performing at Arlington Cemetery.

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