Ryan Hutchens

RYAN HUTCHENSRyan Hutchens is a South Carolina born singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist currently based out of Denver, Colorado. He has been on the road since 2013, performing more than 900 solo acoustic sets across the United States. Inspired by his family and South Carolina upbringing, Ryan feels at home writing and performing songs that can be loosely grouped into the Americana, Folk, Bluegrass, and Gospel genres. His live performances draw from his own discography as well as an extensive list of folk songs and select tracks from his favorite classic and contemporary songwriters. As David Stringer (writer and editor for Scene SC) puts it, Ryan “..falls somewhere between intelligible Bon Iver and early, less rock oriented Band Of Horses” Hutchens stays on the move with his live show, travelling the country with a guitar, harmonicas, and a suitcase full of merchandise. The necessity of travelling and performing solo has informed the development of Ryan’s singer songwriter style. The song “Hold On, Hurricane” from his album “Collection” is a good example of the stripped down style he has come to favor. Jordan Lawrence, writer for Free Times in Columbia SC called the arrangements “delicate but sweeping, making for a remarkably cohesive collection littered with stunners that rival many of indie folk’s biggest names.” Growing up in South Carolina, Hutchens had been exposed from an early age to southern appalachian traditional music in the bluegrass, folk, and gospel genres. As a teen, his car CD player was home to musicians of all types and styles ranging from Classical Orchestral recordings to Nat King Cole to Nirvana. Family members played guitar and banjo and Ryan picked up guitar in his early teens but didn’t consider it a serious calling for another decade. In 2010 Ryan began experimenting with combining sparse guitar and vocal tracks with keyboards and synthesizers. In 2011, he became a founding artist of the newly formed Post Echo Media Label and started crafting a plethora of songs under his Grandfather’s surname turned band name, “Cancellieri”. As years passed and his musical experiences and interests grew, Ryan found that the honest root of what he wanted to do with music was best found in live performances and better executed with more traditional instrumentation.

From 2011 to 2015, Hutchens released six albums under the Cancellieri name. Early Spring released in 2011; Bad Hands released in 2012; III released in 2013; Welcome To Mount Pleasant released in 2014; Closet Songs: A Collection Of Demos And Covers released in 2014; 46 And Raleigh released in 2015. Generally speaking, each album saw Hutchens progressing further away from his electronic and experimental musical beginnings, and closer to what he was doing at his live performances. The last two of these albums (Closet Songs and 46 And Raleigh) include original music but are predominantly based around Ryan’s live performance covers of American traditional, gospel, bluegrass, and folk songs. In January of 2016, Ryan dropped the “Cancellieri” moniker in favor of his real name. The name change facilitated his career shift from bedroom electronic song sculptor to touring singer songwriter and live performer. As part of this transition, a “best of” album was released in September 2016 under the name Ryan Hutchens. This album is fittingly called Collection and features previously recorded and newly remastered tracks from the 2013 album III and the 2014 album Welcome To Mount Pleasant. Ryan followed up that release with his second original album, The Last Ten Years. The Last Ten Years was independently released on October 13, 2017. Ryan started touring full time as a solo acoustic act in 2013. In that time he has played more than 900 shows in 40 states to date as well countless street corner performances across the US, Canada, and Europe. These performances include a mix of songs from Ryan’s extensive discography; covers of crowd favorite folk, bluegrass, and gospel songs; and select tracks from classic and contemporary singer-songwriters. He looks forward to continuing to bring his live performances to people around the country in support of his second full length album, The Last Ten Years.

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