Pattie Lee Becker


I’m an artist and a designer. I draw, sculpt, sew, design, write, dream and process. You can see my drawings and sculptures here, and my furniture and other products here. My subject matter is stupendously varied, as I’m not someone who believes in favorites. I’m driven by the inter-connectivity of ideas and forms and love exploring different concepts to see where these links occur. The world is too bountiful to stare in the same direction. And anyway, a tree without branches is just a big stick. So I leaf out into a colorful and often obsessive place. My work is driven by a deep love for working with my hands, repeat pattern, color, systems and process. Frequently walking the line between the fantastic and real, it seeks to investigate the world we live in with humor and reflection.
When I draw, I work primarily with ink (rapidographs) and colored pencils and have an arsenal topping 500. My sculptural works are mostly textile-based, sometimes implementing my own surface designed fabrics, and range from tiny dolls to 16-foot tall tornadoes. Raised in the great Midwest, I spent my childhood surrounded by prairie and open sky. After graduating from Rhode Island School of Design, I moved my studio to Brooklyn, NY, where I developed my practice for a decade before relocating to the Rocky Mountains. I hold an MFA from Columbia University’s School of the Arts and have been awarded numerous residencies and fellowships.

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