Monte Thompson


Monte Thompson discovered Fine Art in his youth through images of Michelangelo’s sculpture. A self-taught sculptor and draughtsman, he traveled across the United States seeking out the great works in numerous collections on the East Coast. In the presence of these majestic paintings, his passion for oil painting was ignited. In 2017, a lifelong dream was realized as Monte journeyed to Rome and Florence, Italy. Here, in the presence of Michelangelo’s work, his understanding of beauty deepened and he embraced the Italian idea of “la bella figura”. He was forever altered.
From his studio in Colorado, Monte works in the painting tradition of Caravaggio where he creates a harmony between chiaroscuro and modern concepts. Through these concepts, he reinforces the intelligence that underlies all human endeavors. With a bold and impassioned style, he creates the feeling of order and devotes himself to the greatest beauty in life.

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