Mondo Guerra


Mondo Guerra is a designer and social influencer whose innovative style and bold prints have caught the fashion world’s imagination, while his truth and courage captured the hearts of fans around the world when he first revealed his HIV-positive status on Project Runway Season 8. He later went on to win the debut season of Project Runway All Stars and became an audience favorite as a mentor on Lifetime’s spinoff series Under The Gunn. Guerra was also the first contestant on the show to come from Denver, Colorado. Guerra is a fifth-generation Mexican-American from the Denver area.He attended high school at the Denver School of the Arts. In 2001, when living in New York City, he tested HIV positive, at the age of 22. He didn’t start antiretroviral therapy until several years later and struggled with adherence, experiencing several side effects and being hospitalized more than once later in the 2000s. In an interview he has spoken about struggling with AIDS in the American healthcare system and reliance on Ryan White programs as well as suffering from depression and keeping his HIV status secret, including from his family. He has also spoken about HIV stigma and “AIDS phobia” within the gay community. Guerra was on the eighth season of Project Runway, aired in 2010. After placing in the top, but not winning, on a number of challenges, then placing in the bottom but not being eliminated in the seventh (Resort Wear Challenge) episode, he won the challenges on the eighth (Jacqueline Kennedy Challenge), ninth (L’Oreal Makeup Challenge) and tenth (HP Pattern Challenge) episodes. He also won $20,000 for the ninth challenge, which involved both a “couture” look and a “ready-to-wear” look.

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