Mel Akana McIntosh

Mel Akana McIntosh

Mel Akana is a Makeup Artist with over 11yrs of professional experience. Her background includes the application and design of bridal, beauty, high fashion/editorial, and television make up, hair, and wardrobe, giving her the ability to provide for the client’s full styling needs. Mel hasMel Akana McIntosh worked with over 22 cosmetic and skincare lines giving her an extensive knowledge and innate skill in making sure you leave with a better understanding of both your beauty and skin care needs. ?Makeup artists are often brought in on the most important occasions. Weddings, photo shoots, television debuts, prom, senior pictures, birthday parties, etc. With those events can come a good deal of stress. Mel has an ability to bring a degree of composure to all occasions, putting everyone in the room at ease and generally instilling an over all great mood. She is full focused on the clients needs, recognizing your needs while providing her professional advice, will only ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

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