Liz Boyle


I am an award-winning mobile makeup artist in Denver, Colorado with 15 years of experience in cosmetology and esthetics. Having worked with over 4000 clients, I have built a reputation as one of Denver’s top professional, freelance makeup artists. Most importantly, though, I thoroughly enjoy being part of a bride’s special day, tailoring each experience to help women feel both unique and beautiful. I am passionate about bringing out your own natural beauty so that you glow for all of your wedding events. When your husband-to-be first sets eyes on you walking down the aisle, I want him to see your beauty, not your makeup. Let’s bring out your beautiful! I will work with you before your special day to customize your look – flawless skin, expert shading, precise contour, long lasting polish, and perfectly coordinated colors on your eyes and lips, all using naturally-based products. I strive to enhance your natural beauty and features so that you walk through the door before your makeup does. As Bobbi Brown says, “The secret to beauty is to be who you are.”
As your professional Denver makeup artist, I am available for immediate booking for all of the following:

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