Lazer and Levi

Lazer and LeviWe are Lazarus Dean Blehm and Leviticus Sebastian Blehm, two brothers born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado Springs, CO. From playing in bars and clubs at the ages of 10 and 14 until now we have written hundreds of songs, played hundreds of shows, and been on several tours.Lazer and Levi We’ve played with nationally renowned acts, and lent our craft in the studio for others bands. Our Dad is a syndicated cartoonist, and our Mom is a professional hair stylist, so we were raised in a very creative environment. Music was playing through out the house at all times of the day in our adolescence. What sparked our interest in music and picking up an instrument was our Dad who also dabbled in guitar and songwriting.
We both hosted an Open Mic in the little mountain town of Manitou Springs,CO every Wednesday for 5 years. This is where our experience being on stage really comes into play. Every week we were performing on stage in front of a live audience, trying out new songs, and entertaining who ever could fit inside the tiny, hole in the wall bar. But this included running music equipment and managing sound properly so as to create a positive environment for everyone.

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